Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hard Work Report

Well, I said that I would come back and report on my week. Well, its 1:21 AM (at least that's when I started this post) and I just finished preparing a presentation and writing a press release for our fine website for angel investors and entrepreneurs. That puts me at 65.5 hours of work this week.

I'm not doing this to brag. There are probably a million people out there working much harder than me, and a couple of them are probably reading this right now thinking terrible thoughts about me.

Regardless of any terrible thoughts, when you're a dumb rookie the only advantage you can have over your competition is your ability to work like a slave. Not everyone has the natural business savvy of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, but everyone has it in them to work harder than anyone else in their organization.

I think it's important to note that working like a slave does not require one to abandon his/her responsibilities to family, church, and self. It does, however, take a lot of creative time management; i.e. waiting until your wife is asleep and sneaking away to the study to get a few extra things done, properly utilizing every trip to the men's room, waking up extra early to work and then helping your wife get the kids up and fed, and then returning to work.

What creative methods of time management have you used to balance work and family? Please post.


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