Friday, November 04, 2005

Anne Holland on Email Marketing

If your business has anything to do with the internet and you haven't subscribed to MarketingSherpa's free daily newsletter for internet marketers, do it now -- on a new browser, of course.

I just purchased the transcript of the MarketingSherpa "Selling Subscriptions to Internet" summit -- best $195 I ever spent.

Sherpa's publisher opened the conference with a killer presentation on email marketing.

Here are a few highlights:

One of the most read emails you will send your customers is your "Welcome" email -- the one they receive when they register on your site. Make sure you include something in the welcome email that will entice them to return to your site, like a coupon, the first issue of your newsletter, or a free sample of your product. Better yet include some sort of offer that the new subscribers can send to a friend.

RSS is still in its infancy -- 3 million users -- so don't kill yourself trying to reach RSSers just yet. Stay up on developments, but don't make it a priority.

You have 8 seconds to cath the attention of your users, so simplify your emails. More is not necessarily better. If you are going to include a picture in your emails, make sure you have important text in your email right next to it, because a huge percentage of your readers wil go there first.

Duke University Alumni Association sent "update your info" post cards to their alumni when their email addresses started bouncing back emails from Duke. Worked like a charm, reduced churn like crazy.

In the interest of staying on the right side of copyright laws, I'll stop there.


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