Thursday, November 17, 2005

Here's to the Free Press Release!

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk pounding out an email when I received a call from a writer for Worth Magazine, a publication for the rich, based in NYC. She said that she would like to do a feature article on in a forththcoming issue. After a twenty-minute interview, I asked her where she first heard of our company. She said that her boss handed her a press release that we had written a couple of months ago when reached $250 million in available capital.

The best part: All of this exposure hasn't cost us a dime!

For the past few months, has regularly published press releases on free press release distribution sites like,, and and others. If your company hasn't been doing this, start now. It's a easy way to get your name out and give a PR intern valuable experience. In addition, press releases that include links to your site help SEO and increase the chances of your company showing up on someone's blog.


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