Friday, November 04, 2005

Think Digital, Act Analog

I'm following the lead of CEO Brock Blake and posting an email that I sent to the marketing team last week.

"Check out yesterday's stats:

20 new investors, $8.8 million in new investment capital, 44 new entrepreneurs, 23 new business plans


These high numbers are likely due to our new "open door" policy:

1) Our toll free phone number was listed in our email to over 3,000 entrepreneurs. At least 20 of them called yesterday, giving us a great opportunity to create a relationship with each of them, receive valuable feedback, and sell them our other services.

2) We now call every investor who registers on our sites to a) Welcome them to our network b) Encourage referrals c) Confirm that they are accredited investors d) Obtain feedback

The lesson in all of this: Think digital, act analog. Guy Kawasaki uses this phrase in Rules for Revolutionaries when he encourages internet companies to use technology to enhance, not supplant personal relationships with their customers.

I think yesterday's experiment is proof that Kawasaki is right, and that the root of good business is still in one-on-one relationships."


Anonymous Chad said...

I Like it! I need to get the old 1800 number goin on.

You guys rock at


11:05 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

You guys are going pretty nicely...May be aquabot will be of some use for you.....Still thanks for the nice stuff...

4:56 AM  

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