Monday, April 24, 2006

Harvard Classics and Company Histories

I'm almost embarrassed to report some of the books I've been reading lately. Most of them are bereft of meaning or deep value. Ever since I made the shift to sales and evangelism at, I've had to brush up on my sales skills by reading such timeless classics as Selling to Anyone Over the Phone, The Sales Bible, and other riveting, paradigm-shifting pieces of literature.

In all seriousness, it's been great to get back into a sales state of mind. I'm enjoying it, and I think will benefit from it.

One set of books that I have begun reading is called the Harvard Classics. It's a 50+ volume set of books that cover every topic under the sun. Volume I is a bathroom book of sorts that gives a brief synopsis of topics like ancient history, philosophy, fine arts, the colonization of the U.S., and a jillion others. Each section is written by a different Harvard professor. I feel like a real renaissance man every time I put it down.

I've also spent time each day reading from's unparalleled collection of over 10,000 company histories. Great entrepreneurs learn from the best, and reading these company histories is a great way to do it. The collection includes the histories of companies like


... and about 9,996 others. I know this is probably coming off like a shameless plug for our website (and it is), but these histories are a fantastic resource to entrepreneurs who are serious about learning from companies that have already made their way through the bumps and bruises of the start-up years. Check 'em out.


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