Thursday, April 06, 2006

A New Direction

A few years back, I played on a basketball team with a couple of 6' 10" towers that would drive me nuts. They roamed around the perimeter, launching threes and midrange jumpers instead of using their height in the low post where they were guaranteed a high-percentage shot every possession. Every time they took a jump-shot, I would think to myself, "You're good out there, but you could be great if you focused on your strength."

For the past year or so, I've been guilty of the same mistake.

Ever since the first time I read Paul Allen's blog, I've wanted to be a ninja internet marketer. I love the internet. I love statistics, making sales/conversions in my sleep, copyrighting, MarketingSherpa, and on and on ... And I feel like I've done a decent enough job using what I've learned about internet marketing to build into a viable community of entrepreneurs and angel investors.

But like the center looking for his three-pointer, I haven't been focusing on my strength -- people.

By the grace of God, I have always been good at forming friendships and partnerships. I love being and talking with people. In fact, the gift of gab got me permanently kicked out of Golden Oak Elementary School in the sixth grade. (This blog's for you Mrs. Gipson! No hard feelings. It's water under the bridge.)

So, in his infinite wisdom, our "Top 40 Under 40" CEO, Brock Blake, asked me to move over to the position of COO/Chief Evangelist. In my new position, I will oversee the recruitment of new angel groups and entrepreneurial societies to websites. I will also oversee's sales efforts, recruiting and managing a small team of highly specialized, hard-hitting, killer-closing, Jedi Knight Sales Ninjas.

I'm excited to tackle this new challenge. At the same time, I know creating this new department is not going to be a cake walk. Nevertheless, I can hardly sleep at night I'm so stoked about it!

So, if you know any Jedi Knight Sales Ninjas, or mortal salesmen with potential to become a JKSN, let me know -- jeff (at) There's lots of work to do.


Blogger Garrett Smith said...

It takes a real team player to honestly appraise himself/herself and sacrifice for the good of the team. Great Post!

8:26 PM  

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