Friday, October 13, 2006

Invest in YouTube? Nah ...

Props to Josh Copelman who openly shares the fact that he passed up, or was passed up by YouTube in August of '05. Ouch ... Fortunately, Josh has played part in starting and selling a few very successful companies, including (to eBay) and TurnTide (to Symantec), so no biggie.

When we were selecting entrepreneurs for our Silicon Valley Speedpitching luncheon, we almost pulled a Josh when we nearly passed up an entrepreneur who had started and sold two companies for $20M+. He company had board members who founded and/or lead companies like Skype, PayPal, and eBay.

Although he he was a great entrepreneur, there wasn't much to the PowerPoint he sent over. If it wasn't for some detective work on the part of our sleuth-of-a-CTO, Trent Miskin, we would have passed him up. I had nightmares that night about him blogging about some stupid company called Funding Universe that passed him up in favor of a company that franchises gerbil grooming shops.

Not nearly as big as passing on YouTube, but still funny.


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