Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Three Things:

1) I am still alive. EnablingAngels took up all of my blogging time for a while, so my personal blog took a pretty big hit. I loved the opportunity to blog so prolifically on a subject that I enjoy so much, but the commitment to blog daily just became too much. Funding Universe is changing a lot right now -- look for a big change in the site late Oct./early Nov. -- and those changes have been very time consuming.

2) TagJungle is in the house! Phil Burns and his posse at 42co have been developing a hip new search tool that helps blog readers sort through the mounds of information in the blogosphere and find the most relevant information about topics that concern them most. What's cool about it all is that the information is sortable several different ways that no other search engine has done before. Phil and Jeff have blogged about it. If Phil and his crew can execute, his could be the coolest 2.0ish deal to come out of Utah in ... well ... ever.

3) Yepic. Go there. It's a cool site that allows users to post and sell their own content. I got to hang out with Corey Davis, one of the founders last week and really caught the vision.

Let's say you're a student who has taken copious notes in your biology class and you want to make a little extra dosh at the end of the semester. You can post your notes -- assuming it isn't against any school policy -- on Yepic and sell them to next semester's students. Professors could sell research, artists sell poetry, programmers sell code, salesmen sell sales scripts ... whatever.

It's great to be a blogger and it's great to be in Utah seeing all of these killer technology plays make noise.

Any other Utah companies worth talking about?


Anonymous Chris said...

Welcome back.

I think Hirevue is finally breaking out. I love Podango and I think Media Forge has really awesome tehnology as well.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Those are great ones, Chris. Podango pitched at a Funding Universe Speedpitching luncheon a while back. I'm stoked to see all of the love they've been getting in the blogosphere. Hirevue has been lit to pop for a while now. I'm excited to hear that things are going well for R. Money and the gang. Haven't heard as much about Media Forge. But I'd love to hear more ...

8:18 PM  

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