Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ryan Booher is a Ninja

We just filled one of the sales ninja positions that I blogged about last week. Ryan Booher, one of the founding members of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association, has joined our team and we couldn't be more excited about having him on board. Ryan received a full-ride scholarship to Weber State University for performing due dilligence on Grow Utah Ventures dealflow, so he knows what angel investors are looking for.

There is still one sales ninja position available. Click here to learn more about it, or send me an email at jeff at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jeff Barson, VCs and Snowmen

You need to watch the video that Jeff Barson posted about the life of a VC. When you're done, you need to add Jeff's blog to your RSS feed. His posts are always money in the bank.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Great Job Openings at FundingUniverse!

I'm looking for two part-time sales ninjas to join me in my quest to help more FundingUniverse members get involved in our AngelReady Membership.

I don't plan on heading up this project for much longer, so I'll need someone to come in, learn the ropes and take the lead in growing the team. The person I hire will be the third person in on this quickly growing project, so the opportunity to play a management role as the project grows is very strong.

Our sales ninjas are not telemarketers; our sales ninjas are consultants. Our ninjas need to have a deep knowledge of early-stage investing and raising money from angel investors. Before they pick up a phone, they receive in-depth training that allows them to make qualified recommendations to our valued subscribers.

To find out more about this position, click here or call me at 877.638.3616.

We will be interviewing from December 15th to January 5th. Those who submit their resumes early will receive special consideration.

And, no, you won't have to work out of my basement. :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Don't Try to Reach me at the Office

Brock and I were on a conference call with our rockstar advisory board last week and we received a clear message from them:

Focus wholly, completely, passionately, 100% on sales.

This is great advice for 90% of the entrepreneurs that we work with each month and it's great advice for us.

Up until the conference call I had been coming in the office to work each day and dividing my time between consulting gigs, business development, and developing the AngelReady sales program.

This week I have decided to take the board's wise council to heart and jump into the sales program 100% with no other distractions. I've set up shop in a small unfinished, unfurnished room in my basement with five things: my laptop, a Vonage router, a phone, a pad of paper. and a chair to sit on. (See pictures. The papers on the wall have our daily registration goals and results written on them.)

  • I've gained a deeper insight into the entrepreneurs that we serve and how to best help them prepare to raise angel capital, which has increased my ability to give meaningful feed back and training to our customer care team. This has lead to a vastly increased number of FundingUniverse registrants becoming AngelReady Members.
  • I am not distracted by the countless "little things" that go hand-in-hand with running a fast-moving company.
  • I've enjoyed lunch with my wife, Anna, and my boys, Jack and Brixton, every day. Can't beat that.
Even our CEO has spent substantial time on the phone with our members this week. I love it!

I don't expect to stay down here forever, but the exercise has been and will continue to be very instructive.