Friday, January 05, 2007

There's Hope for the Rest of Us

A while back, Chris and Matt went toe-to-toe about an article Matt wrote for Connect Magazine that advised readers to leave Utah and learn from the best in the Bay Area. While it is obvious that there is a ton of action in the Bay Area and a boatload of very intelligent entrepreneurs and investors, VentureOne's report on the the biggest VC exits of 2006 suggests that there is plenty of action outside of the Valley for the rest of us.

Here's a breakdown of the locations of the purchased companies. Note that only two of the top ten are from the Bay Area.
  1. YouTube -- Bay Area
  2. Flarion -- New Jersey
  3. Xspedius Communications -- Missouri
  4. Healthfield -- Georgia
  5. CorSolutions -- Illinois
  6. Corus Pharma -- Washington
  7. Mobile 365 -- Virginia/DC
  8. LANDesk -- Utah
  9. GlycoFi -- Massachusettes
  10. Wily Technology -- Bay Area
Congrats to the local boys from LANDesk and vSpring Capital for cracking the list at #8!

I'm originally from California and my job revolves around angel investors and VC, so you know I've got nothing but love for the Bay Area. However, I'm glad to be outside of the Valley learning from some of the best here in Utah.


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