Thursday, March 08, 2007

A WeightLossWar is waged!

My main man Chad Blodgett just launched, a smokin' social network for people who are trying to stay fit and/or lose weight. It's already my favorite social network for several reasons:

1) Summer time is right around the corner and I need all of the help I can get to slim down to my 190 lb target weight. On WLW, I can ask my friends to help me lose weight by becoming my "motivators". That means that every day when I update my profile -- how long I worked out, how much I weigh, how far I ran, etc. -- they get an email that charts my progress.

2) I'm in sales and business development, so I love numbers. When I input my stats, WLW automatically generates a graph for me that charts my progress.

3) This is the first social network that I have convinced my wife to join. She's always been a hater of the 2.0 stuff, so this is a big step in our relationship. :)

If you want to get in on the comedy that is my attempt to lose weight, create a profile and send me a request for friendship. My profile name is jjordan.

Congrats to Chad, Blake and the Griffio team for teaming up to make this happen!

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Blogger Blake said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. Now how about you let me piggy back on your "5 million in sales per year" goal? Cheers!

10:42 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

If you and Chad could throw together a website that will help me stay on track for that goal, that would be great. :)

9:02 AM  

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